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Project assistance


This is the most favorable option for architects and design offices. Sometimes getting a visualization at the end of the client relationship can miss the point. Why does the client need a visualization if they've already decided what their building will look like? That's why we've decided to accompany the designer from the very beginning of the project. This way, we can help the client make the right decision, which makes it easier for the designer to do their job.


Three color options for the facade


If the appearance of the building is already determined and the client is undecided about the color or material of the facade, we will be happy to facilitate this choice. Building in three versions will make the choice easier for the client, and in the meantime the designer will be able to attend to more priority tasks, saving his time.


2D views of the building facade


Since we've already done the photo-realistic visualization for you, a useful addition might be the drawings you'll be able to use in the architectural project or in the brochure of the building put up for sale.


2D Top View


An aerial view of the entire project site is a great resource to help the client visualize the project.


360-degree animation around the building


This is the absolute best thing you can get if you care about design clarity. Not only does such an animation allow you to see the building from all sides, but it's also a great marketing piece that will make your client feel appreciated.



We've got some amazing add-ons for you to choose from, so go ahead and start working together!

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